Persona & Vision of IMM

Known for its legacy of over 50 years, the Institute of Marketing and Management believes in creating the leaders of tomorrow. The institute was started with a vision to become a Center of Excellence by collaborating with different institutions and disciplines. It is based on the vision to create leaders that can drive growth.


We aim to create an environment that is enriched with optimism and multicultural values and proves to be the breeding grounds for knowledge, and diverse thinking. We maintain a practice of harmony and emotional balance. It is important to practice both to maintain a good balanced life and sound thinking to take place. We surround ourselves with positivity and express our thoughts and encourage our students to think practical and out of the box. It is also important for a person to be spiritual in our thoughts and yet practical in life to use both their heart and mind and come to the best decisions.


Blend values that have been imparted in the school for the last 5 decades while combining them with modern management thoughts to move ahead and become the young leaders of the nation. The leaders that establish a balance between things and work towards sustainable development.


We truly care about our students as well as our faculty and endeavour to pursue global standards in everything we do. We aim to put India on the global map for marketing via teaching, research, consultancy, and continuous education and be ready for the business challenges of the 21st century.

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